SmartCart User's Guide

These are basic instructions for operating the SmartCart shopping system. These instructions are kept simple because the system is simple to operate. This guide will be continually updated.

All these functions are accomplished through your personal administrative controls, which are included with each system:

The steps to building your catalog are as follows...

1) Add your Departments (These are the main sections of your store)

2) Go to "Add Areas" (these are the sub categories to each main section)

3) In "Add Areas" you will add the sub catagories for each of your departments.

4) After you are done with this you may go back to the administrative controls and hit the "Compile Catalog" Button. That's It! Your Catalog is instantly compiled.

5) Now you are ready to start entering inventory to your store. You do this from the "Inventory Controls" Button. The database is created automatically as you enter in merchandise.  If you need custom database utilities, please let us know. If you would like to create, or maintain your database of inventory offline, here is the format in Excel. You may then upload it through your upload utility in the administrative area.

6) Changing Images within the SmartCart...  Adding your company's logo or banner image to the system and the invoices is actually very easy. Simply go to the upload images function in your admin area, You will want to upload two images...

a) a larger image logo for your web pages, and
b) a smaller image logo for the top of your invoices.

The larger image should be uploaded as logo.gif, into the Web pages selection. The smaller logo should be titled smlogo.gif, and uploaded to the same Web pages selection.  That's it. That will instantly replace the SmartCart logos in your catalog and invoices to your company's logo, and or banner image.

Editing Home Page and About your Company page:
The HTML pages (such as the home page and the about page) are all entirely customizable. This is accomplished in your administrative area.

To edit your web pages, and/or add your existing web pages, simply CUT and PASTE from your favorite editor or create your code in the WEB PAGE EDITOR forms, which you will find in the administrative area as well.

Your personally created web pages, inventory images, and thumbnail images
can reside on any server, or your personal virtual hosting account with Bizcom.

Web pages-
We discussed previously how to update your smartcart home page and about page. Through this same process you can create links from your smartcart home page and about page to any web page(s) which reside on any server account. This way your pages will seemlessly integrate into the SmartCart system.

Images -
Same with images, inventory images, and thumbs. You can link to them from any server account, by utilizing the full URL to the image location. Inventory images and thumbs: when you add your inventory, in the image location and thumb location fields, utilize the full URL to your images, that way you can easily FTP all your images to your personal Virtual Hosting account, instead of one at a time through the http upload utility built into the smartcart system.

If you already have a database of inventory, custom format utilities are available. This way you would not have to rekey all the inventory you are adding to your catalog. Please contact for information about any custom services.

The rest of the stuff is pretty basic to learn, just try clicking around and see what everything does.

If you have any questions at all you may email Telephone support is available Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm MST at (801) 304-0444

Once you build a little bit of your store, you will clearly see how easy it is to build and maintain an online catalog with SmartCart.

This User's Guide for the SmartCarttm  is available to anyone needing assistance, or having any questions, about the SmartCarttm Shopping Cart System. This help section is available 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week. The User's Guide will be continually under construction. All your questions or technical support issues will be addressed and answered in this section. If you need any additional assistance with the system, please feel free to call our tech support office at (801) 304-0444.


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