Additional Services

Virtual Server/Hosting Services
For as little as $35 per month you can have up to 20 megs of space, unlimited transfers every month, 5 seperate POP3 email accounts, your own virtual FTP server, shell access, and more. Plus, there is the Free Gift Package that is included with your SmartCarttm purchase today.

Web Design Services
Our Website Development Team can create a site for you. With your consultation, our web development team can program for you an effective and quality website that will meet your requirements. A site you will be proud to show your freinds, customers, and prospects. Call us directly for information on website design services.

Database Conversions
With our database conversion services, we can take your already existing database, run it through our conversion utility, and make your inventory instantly 'web ready' and 'SmartCarttm ready' saving you countless man-hours of having to key in each individual item.

Merging With Your Point-of-Sale Software
Our programmers can also add a custom module to SmartCarttm that will allow you to take your daily reports and merge them into your existing POS software. We can create custom gateways to merge this information directly to most of the popular POS software on the market.

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