A "Secure" Shopping System

It doesn't take a long time of shopping with SmartCarttm to notice some built in security features the program contains. For example: The first time (each new session) a user drops the first item to their cart, they will notice immediately that their account is password protected. Then traveling further as they are reviewing their order online they notice the Secure Socket has established itself with the server, thus any information transmitted would be encrypted and undecipherable by any intruding eyes. Your customer is confident with their decision, and they submit their orders directly to you.

The presentation of security throughout the system is how SmartCarttm gives you the advantage. Your customers are only as valuable as the confidence they have in your website. If they are not sure about submitting there payment information securely, you can bet they will think twice. The professional, "secure" image that SmartCarttm presents can be your competitive edge.

The SmartCarttm service includes support for Secure Socket Layers (SSL) Technology at no additional charge.

Also included with the system is md5 encryption protection on your data and information passed through forms on the system. This adds a high level of security for data passed through certain forms on the system ensuring that the data being passed retains it's accuracy and reliability. This protects against hackers changing information on forms and trying to pass ficticious information and trying to defraud the system. This encryption technology protects against any type of form tampering.

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