SmartCarttm Included Features

Administrative Features
SmartCarttm contains all the built-in administrative controls available to only you, or your selected administrator. You can control your entire catalog using any of newest web browsers.

Consumer Features
The tools your customers need to easily navigate your catalog of inventory are all built into this program. Easy browsing, easy shopping, and easy checkout. Shopping on the internet has never been so easy!

Payment Processing
There are many options available to you with this very versatile catalog system. Check in here to see which option is best for you.

Built In Security
In today's internet commerce community, to remain competitive you need to offer your customers the latest technologies available for "secure" commerce. Consumer confidence in your site is an important factor to success. SmartCarttm positions you nicely.

Automated Bookkeeping
SmartCarttm offers you a computer generated report complete with all sales activity for each day. Reports prepared for your viewing and analysis, or customized flat files that can be customized to import directly into your "in-house" database or point-of-sale system.

But Wait... There's More...
With SmartCarttm, your users can log off the system, come back several days later, and continue to shop right where they left off. SmartCarttm not only remembers exactly what was left in each users cart, but also knows exactly who the user is, and matches them right up to their accounts the moment they enter the system's home page.

With frame capabilities, SmartCarttm allows your shoppers to view the online catalog in one frame, and the shopper's own shopping cart or receipt in another. Customers can actually watch as products they select are instantly put into their shopping carts.

These listed powerful features, and more back-end, 'behind the scene' features are what truly sets SmartCarttm apart from anything. SmartCarttm is one of the most powerful, easy to use, easy to maintain, versatile online shopping systems on the market today. And for a complete shopping system of this caliber... It's the Best Priced, too!

SmartCarttm has it all! Your virtual store or mall has never been this easy to set-up and maintain. SmartCarttm Shopping System makes it all very easy for you.

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