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Bookkeeping Features

Automated Bookkeeping
SmartCarttm automatically generates daily reports for your viewing and analysis. You can access these reports right from your browser, at anytime. The system generates a different report each day, and they are all organized by date.

Order History Reports
The system also generates individual order history reports. These reports are accessible to the administrator and to the individual member. The administrator can access all the reports for each and every member on the system. The members can only access their individual reports, for obvious security and privacy reasons. With this feature, if there ever is a question about an individual memeber's order, you have the information accessible to you, right at your fingertips.

Merging Reports With Your Point-of-Sale Software
Our programmers can also add a custom module to SmartCarttm that will allow you to take your daily reports and merge them into your existing POS software. We can create custom gateways to merge this information directly to most of the popular POS software on the market.

Website Statistic Reports
With a virtual hosting account from Bizcom, each and every store can have it's own website stats log file. These daily generated reports are made for your analysis. They can tell a user how many hits they receive at their site on a weekly, and daily basis. They can tell you how much data the server transfers for your website, and where your clients are actually visiting on your site. This is very valuable information that can assist in building strategies for a more successful website.

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