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Quality - Service - Price
  • Since 1989 Laser-Tone International was formed with the idea of providing the highest quality in service and products offerings at a competitive price. All re-manufacturing is done in the United States by trained technicians. The toner used in the re-manufacturing process is the highest grade available on the market today because the finished product "your printing represents your company image." We are the only remanufacture listed in the H.P. World Directory

Hours of Operation

  • Our office is open Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. However, orders and correspondence can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

Re-manufacturing Process

  • In order to insure this high standard of quality and service Laser-Tone International does all of its testing with the latest equipment available. Each cartridge is tested before and after the re-manufacturing and all components are inspected for wear and stress during the re-manufacturing process. The photo conductive drum is treated with drum extender in order to prolong its life and quality of its print.  We use replacement parts equal to or better than the OEM
Free Pick-up and Delivery
  • We provide our customers with free pick-up and delivery within the contigous United States on all order over $100. In addition, with all orders we offer a postage paid label to return empty cartridges.The return label is via Fedex, so that any customer returning the empty toner cartridges can simply give it to their local Fedex driver or drop site.

Shipping and Stock

  • We have stock on hand for most items enabling us to ship most orders placed by 1:00 p.m EST the same day.
Additional Service
  • Laser-Tone International also offers many makes of printers, faxes, and multi-function machines. We also provide printer repairs for local customers and are an authorized service center for Brother warranty printers.
Environmental Concern
  • Since 1989, we have recycled over 1 million pounds of plastics. We are members of several local Chambers of Commerce and the International Cartridge Recycling Association, along with various environmental groups. Once again, Laser-Tone International is closing the loop on quality, price, and service with the environment in mind.  We have developed complete toner cartridge recycling programs for NASA, Siemens, Shurguard Storeage, ScriptRX, and many others.  We provide free workshops on office products recycling at the national and local level.

    CONCLUSION: The toner yeild of the Laser Tone cartridge exceeded the yeild of the OEM cartridge by an average of 82.5 pages in the tests. In addition, the packaging was of good quality-no leakage of the cartridges or damage to the cartons occurred after the drop test-and the Laser Tone cartridge produced no deleterious effects on the test printer. Moreover, the density of the output of the Lser Tone cartridge was somewhat higher than that of the OEM cartridge (1,430, compared to the OEM cartridge's 1.350). Therefore, BLI feels that the Laser Tone cartridge is a quality unit that meets or exceeds the performance of the OEM cartridge.

    Copy of complete BLI test results available upon request.

Laser-Tone International Filosofia

Laser-Tone International se creó con la idea de proveer los servicios y productos ofrecidos a un precio competitivo y con las más alta calidad posible. Toda la remanufactura es hecha en Estados Unidos por técnicos especializados, El "toner" utilizado en el proceso de rellanado posee la clidad más alta disponible en el mercado actual, ya que el producto final (su impresión) representa la imagen su compañía.

Para asegurar el estándar más alto posible en calidad y servicio, Laser-Tone International lleva a cabo todas las pruebas del producto en el equipo más moderno disponible. Cada cartucho es analizado antes y después de ser recargado, y todas sus componentes son inspeccionados durante el proceso para asegurar que los mismos conservan las caracteristicas necesarias para proveer la calidad de impresión más alta posible. El cilindro foto-sensitivo es tratado para prolongar su calidad y vida útil

Proveemos a nuestros clientes el servicio de recogido y entrega sin costo adicional. Mantenemos inventario de nuestros productos para entrega inmediata.

Laser-Tone International también provee accesorios para su computadora e impresoras a precios competitivos en el mercado. Recuerde, nostros le ahorramos su dinero y ayudamos a mantener un ambiente más agradable.





























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