Self Initiations

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Cherry, Joanna

Take charge! If you like to take charge of your own processes, Self Initiations is for you! It is full of hands-on practices which deepen your experience of spirit and improve every area of your life, including: give yourself happier relationships, fulfill your purposes, clear away your fears, empower yourself, connect more deeply with your divinity, enjoy greater abundance, move into rejuvenation, immortality and ascension, and much more!

Each initiation takes you step by step into your chosen new reality. Discover where you are on an issue. Acknowledge, accept and love yourself for being there. Tune to your inner self and follow the process. You will emerge a clearer, stronger and happier person!

Enjoy the inspiring, true accounts of people like you, scattered throughout the book. The initiations have come from spirit and have proven themselves successful over two decades of the authorís workshops and one-to-one sessions. They will work for you too!

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