Living Mastery

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Cherry, Joanna

The Expression of Your Divinity - by Joanna Cherry

Be the master you are...Living Mastery is an adventure into our unlimited possibilities. We are pioneers exploring a frontier unimaginable before, where each of us will realize how great we truly are. Through our oneness with the divine, the infinite One, we are returning to our ancient, forgotten, natural mastery. We recognize everything as divine, including our physical body, and Earth herself as paradise. It is why we are here.

You are invited to walk your own unique path with greater certainty and joy, from believing you were limited to knowing you are divine. A deep look at life - including self-empowerment, purpose, abundance, service, immortality, ascension and more - will speed you along your way.

Living Mastery is full of practical spirituality and fascinating stories to inspire your expression of the master you are!

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