Prayer Therapy II

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Beginning May 4, 2023 at 3:00 PM Pacific Time. This is a Hybrid class, In person class from Las Vegas and via Zoom for those not close to a T.I.C. Group.  Instructors are Rev. Mary Ann Kelley and Rev. Rhonda Hawley.
Cost: $375 Plus $30 Registration Fee
Open to all students who have certificates for Inner Sensitivity, Self Mastery and Prayer Therapy I


This advanced 15-week course in the power of prayer and its use prepares the student for professional T.I.C. prayer therapy work. Workshops and prayer projects help to develop an understanding of the Spiritual Principles upon which all healing is based, and provides many opportunities to learn techniques of specific prayer work and the practice of counseling and praying for others.


15 Lessons & Workshops

  • Purpose of the Course

  • What dees it mean to be a Prayer Therapist?

  • Healing in the Christ Consciousness

  • How Permanent is Spiritual Mind Healing?

  • Physical Perfection

  • Correspondence Treatment Practice/Meditation

  • Healing Addictions & Chronic Conditions

  • Deep Healing Meditation

  • Advance Astral Healing

  • Mental Cause Drills

  • Healing Relationships/Incarnation of Spirit

  • Discussion of the Unchallenged Self

  • Coordination with the T.I.C. Prayer Ministry

  • Prayer Partners - PT Paper Development

  • Spiritualizing A Business

  • Discussion on prepared questions

  • Deep Meditation - Meditation Control Practice

  • General Review and Discussion

  • Deep Meditation on Self Acceptance

  • Client Centered Therapy

  • Practice Counseling

  • PT Paper Work

  • Practice Counseling / Case History Reports

  • Consecration of the Prayer Therapist

  • Dedication Table Circle

As we expand our Self-awareness and fulfill our desires for Self-expression, we uncover one of our deepest desires - to serve humanity.


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