Prayer Therapy I

Item# PT103     

Expand Your Prayer Power
Prerequisite: IST - Inner Sensitivity

A 10-week course designed to acquaint the student with a working knowledge of the Spiritual Laws upon which scientific prayer is based and the "RUCAT" steps for effective prayer treatments.

Includes workshops and prayer projects emphasizing the importance of the daily practice of prayer for the purpose of enriching the personal life of each student.


* Prerequisite Inner Sensitivity


  • Lesson 1:
  • Goals for the course
  • The practical use of prayer
  • RUCAT workshop
    Lesson 2:
  • The health consciousness
  • The spiritual law & law of mind
  • Health treatment workshop
    Lesson 3:
  • Objectivity and subjectivity
  • Meditation control
  • Channeling workshop
    Lesson 4:
  • The principles of successful living
  • Financial health
  • Prosperity workshop
    Lesson 5:
  • The spiritual law of polarity
  • Non-judgment - what is normal?
  • Prayer Partners workshop
    Lesson 6:
  • Freedom from addiction
  • Healing chronic conditions
  • Discussion circle
    Lesson 7:
  • Self Authority
  • Astral healing
  • Astral healing workshop
    Lesson 8:
  • Understanding & applying spiritual laws
  • Creative imagination
  • Creative Visualization workshop
    Lesson 9:
  • Working with the Prayer Ministry
  • Praying for others
  • Channeling Treatments workshop
    Lesson 10:
  • Review & sharing of goals
  • The dedicated life of prayer
  • Dedication Circle

Cost: $330.00 plus textbooks.

Upcoming Classes:

Beginning Tuesday, February, 13, 2024 at 11:00am. Instructors are  Rev. Mary Ann Kelley and Rev. Rhonda Hawley. 

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