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Coping with the Losses of Life Group Member Guide

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Everyone will experience some type of loss during their lifetime.

Although some handle loss better than others, being prepared is beneficial to everyone – with personal loss and also helping others cope with their losses.  The small group study sessions found in this comprehensive workbook will help participants identify the losses they have suffered in life and understand the impact these losses have on the way they live. The pain of loss often pushes people toward self-destructive choices. The goal of these studies is to identify the negative impacts of our loss(es), choose to deal with them in constructive ways, and discover how to live a fulfilling life. This study draws from the biblical wisdom which for thousands of years has helped people suffering from loss find hope and meaning in life.

Course objectives include that participants will be able to:

• Make practical application of life principles through active learning, group discussion, and structured worksheets.
• Identify personal losses and evaluate the impact of these losses in their lives.
• Explain the grief process and explain where they are in the process.
• Find encouragement to move beyond present pain and progress to recovery.
• Learn from biblical examples of those who suffered loss and explain how a person can
  seek help in God to cope with a loss.
• Demonstrate a growing empathy for others and ability to help others cope with life’s losses.
• Achieve measurable personal growth as measured by weekly assessments.

Coping  with the Losses of Life by Dr. Don Pratt of FIT is an adaptation of Handling Loss and Grief authored by the late Dr. Raymond Brock of Turning Point Ministries. It is a joint venture of FIT and Turning Point/Living Free of Chattanooga, TN.  Like all FIT materials, Coping with the Losses of Life is formated for small group discussion and designed for maximum interaction. There are nine lessons which can vary in length from one to two hours.  The Facilitator Guide contains helps and suggestions for conducting the small group and encouraging interaction.  Sample questions are provided to stimulate discussion.

9 Lessons. 112 Pages


 Sample Questions  Session Topics
  • What death has been the most difficult for you to handle?
    What made this death significant?


  • Name life events other than a death you have experienced that brought grief to you. How did this/these loss(es) impact your life?
  • Coping with the Losses of Life
  • Personalizing Loss
  • The Scope of Loss
  • Sorting Out Advice
  • The Language of Loss
  • The Language of Recovery
  • Regression and Application
  • Coping with Loss by Death
  • A Christian View of Death 

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