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Anger Dynamics Faciliator Guide #410

Anger Dynamics Faciliator Guide

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This is the facilitator version of the "Anger Dynamics" book is used in the FIT course of the same name and was written by Donald Pratt, Ph.D. and Paul Pratt, B.S.W. It is formatted for small groups for maximum interaction. It is written at the most basic level with frequent mention of examples that the indigent or incarcerated face.  It is a blend of best educational theory and practice, social science practice, and Christian practical application. This book has been field-tested and found effective in a high school class, a teens Sunday School class, and FIT classes for parents using the class as an attempt in regaining custody of their children.

This facilitator guide has the same page-per-page format as the group member guide but contains additional important information to guide the facilitator in leading the class.  It has general suggestions, comments and guidance on specific group activities, and answers to each lesson test.

The book draws heavily on guidance from the Bible regarding anger.  It also incorporates Dr. Pratt's own research in the social science fields of locus of control and attribution theory as well as his years of experience of working with society's subculture, prisoners, prostitutes, and addicted.  Paul Pratt's social work training and personal experience are also significant factors.

This course is perfect for use as a strong and effective course in Christian schools.  It could a needed component in preparing the future generation for handling life skills in the contemporary world.  Even better, the entire FIT curriculum can be used to provide a quality and meaningful year-long core requirement.

9 Lessons. 69 Pages. Enough material for 18 hours of small group interaction.

Features Session Topics
  • Discussion Questions and Exercises
  • Sample Scenarios
  • Topics Like "The Blame Game-Somebody Made Me Do It"
  • Short True and False Tests
  • 8th Grade Reading Level
  • Relevant Examples from Real Life
  • Participants Learn to Solve Their Own Problems
  • What is Anger?
  • Whose Anger is it Anyway?
  • How to Approach Anger
  • Settling Differences Peacefully
  • Strategoes that Reduce Stress
  • Biblical Insights
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Living with Peaceful Character
  • Helping Others

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