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Change of Heart focuses on the processes involved in changing behavior from destructive patterns to constructive ones.  This can apply to persons suffering from addictions, involved with criminal lifestyles, people who just seek a deeper spiritual experience - or all of the above. Past destructive thought patterns must be addressed first before emotions and actions can be changed.  A conscious choice to change is the starting point which is followed up by the related decision-making.

This course book features practical examples for both making better citizens and better Christians.  The topics emphasize corrective thinking that leads to more purpose, better relationships, better parenting, a more fulfilling lifestyle, more respect for others, better personal identity and fulfillment, and more responsibility for personal actions. Many people know they need to address their shortcomings but need a little help in understanding the process and benefits of the process.

This class book is intended for use small groups for give-and-take discussions on a variety of topics and contexts. Numerous scenarios are provided throughout which are both relevant and practical.  The lessons are divided into to major parts: Love and Forgiveness and Reconciliation.  Topics include Changing My Mind, What the World Needs Now, Change of Heart, My Need for Forgiveness, My Need to Give and Request Forgiveness, My Need to Forgive Myself, My Need to Make Restitution, A New Heart for My Family and in Choosing Friends, and A New Heart in My Community.  Worksheets included in the appendix include the Change of Heart Worksheet, The Plan of Salvation, Change of Heart Facilitator Tally Sheet, Condition of My Heart Self Assessment, and several others.

The Change of Heart course title, front and back covers, lesson content and sequencing is intended to depict and present the goal of a life changed from the inside out. The key objectives are that class members will come to believe that they can and must change if they are to experience a transformation of their relationships in their homes and community.

This involves patterns and habits, sometimes deep-seated and deeply ingrained, which need to be identified and changed.  That is where our small-group discussion group approach comes in.  Change of behavior must start with change in thought.  Class members learn to problem solve and apply key principles in terms of their own experiences and will enjoy the practical examples given throughout the course.

85 pages.   9 Lessons.  Separate and matching facilitator and group member books.

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