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Insight Facilitator Guide #200

Insight Facilitator Guide

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The book used for this unit is the landmark Insight guide developed by Dr. Jimmy Ray Lee of Turning Point Ministries.  All of our units emphasize the rich interaction of the small-group format.  These materials address some of life's greatest and most elusive problems with gentle directing and lots of interaction.  With the proper environment of love and support in the group and group leaders, group members can indeed better understand themselves, how they have become what they have become, how they can change things for the better, and use their faith as a focus for reaching toward God and becoming all that He would have them to be.

The printed materials include a Facilitator Guide and a Group Member Guide.  These are available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian.
All of our units emphasize the rich interaction of the small-group format.

9 Lessons. 78 Pages.

 Sample Questions  Session Topics
  • What are the road signs – or symptoms – that we should be aware of that warn of a life-controlling problem?
  • What priorities do you need to establish for your life?  How will you think and live differently if you follow those priorities?
  • Orientation
  • Trust - how do you get that?
  • The Trap - how do you get trapped?
  • Feelings - can you trust them?
  • Defenses and Isolation
  • Symptoms
  • Ministry to One Another
  • Ministry to One Another Continues
  • Ministry to One Another Concludes

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