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Leader Training Fee

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The Registration Fee includes all costs for a full day of formal training and a 72-page training manual. The session includes the history and philosophy of the organization, the faith-based, life-skills curriculum used, and suggestions for effective ministry.

Participants who complete the all-day training will have completed the first step as being recognized as a potential FIT leader.  As funds permit, FIT leaders are eligible for full or partial materials support as needed in FIT classes.  All clients in FIT-recognized sessions receive a free customized certificate for each course they complete.  Only FIT-recognized individuals may apply for these certificates for their class members.  Every client course graduation is recorded and the information available for clients, judges, leaders, parole officers, and court officials as needed.  The printed certificates contain all the pertinent information.  Summaries of all course completions by an individual are also available upon request.

This all-day program is an intense introduction to our program and is taught by our best leader-trainers.

The six FIT focus areas of our faith-based, life-skills curriculum are:

1. PARENTING - 2 courses
3. DECISION MAKING - 1 course
4. ANGER MANAGEMENT - 2 courses
5. RELATIONSHIPS -2 courses
6. ECONOMICS - 1 course

Check here for available dates, locations, and times. Sessions generally are from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM on Saturdays.

If a convenient time and place is not available, contact us to see if a special training could be set up.

WILLING TO SPONSOR A VOLUNTEER? Many of our volunteers are unable to pay the training fee. There is an option below for a sponsored registration if you wish to help.  This option is tax-deductible if for an unrelated person.  You can designate a person or persons if you like.  There will be an opportunity at the end to leave a message for us.

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