Prayer Therapy II

Item# PT204     

Open to all students who have certificates for Inner Sensitivity, Self Mastery and Prayer Therapy I

15 Lessons & Workshops

  • Purpose of the Course

  • What dees it mean to be a Prayer Therapist?

  • Healing in the Christ Consciousness

  • How Permanent is Spiritual Mind Healing?

  • Physical Perfection

  • Correspondence Treatment Practice/Meditation

  • Healing Addictions & Chronic Conditions

  • Deep Healing Meditation

  • Advance Astral Healing

  • Mental Cause Drills

  • Healing Relationships/Incarnation of Spirit

  • Discussion of the Unchallenged Self

  • Coordination with the T.I.C. Prayer Ministry

  • Prayer Partners - PT Paper Development

  • Spiritualizing A Business

  • Discussion on prepared questions

  • Deep Meditation - Meditation Control Practice

  • General Review and Discussion

  • Deep Meditation on Self Acceptance

  • Client Centered Therapy

  • Practice Counseling

  • PT Paper Work

  • Practice Counseling / Case History Reports

  • Consecration of the Prayer Therapist

  • Dedication Table Circle

As we expand our Self-awareness and fulfill our desires for Self-expression, we uncover one of our deepest desires - to serve humanity

Prayer Therapy II

Beginning January 4, 2021 at 3:30pm Pacific Time


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