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Dragon 1/6 Scale 12" WWII German Telescope & Rangefinder Model Kit 75022

Item #: 75022

UPC/ISBN: 0089195750228

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1/6 Telescope & Rangefinder
- Delicate telescope produced 
- Tripod can be folded up as on the original 
- Binoculars can rotate to different position 
- Lenese can be removed 
- Shoulder belt for rangefinder included 
- Artillery rangefinder w/chest harness and backpack 
- Realistic rangefinder molded w/details 

During WWII, German artillerymen had several pieces of specialist equipment available to make their task easier. Indeed, in contemporary wartime photos, items such as scissors binoculars and rangefinders are often seen. Dragon has produced stunning replicas of these two aforementioned apparatuses in 1/6 scale. The scissors binoculars (called Scnfernrohr in German) were not confined to artillery use, for they were commonly used for observation on the frontlines. The model perfectly mimics the real item - the binocular head can swivel and the ocular lenses are removable. The scissors periscope also comes with its own tripod with adjustable legs, or alternatively the legs can be folded up completely. 

The rangefinder, meanwhile, is no less detailed. The harness and straps authentically replicate those of the original, allowing it to be correctly worn on the chest by a 1/6 scale artilleryman from the extensive Dragon range. Such is the level of detail that even the screw heads and serial number are represented on this rangefinder. Both the rangefinder and scissors binoculars are complete plastic kits in their own right, and modelers will find they assemble with consummate ease. This kit set containing two items is perfect for adding detail to a German figure, or as accessories in a vignette.

Kit is new in box, never removed. Box is in excellent condition


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