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Dragon WWII German 1/6 scale 12" Raketenwerfer Puppchen Kit 75005

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Dragon Models Catalog number 75005

Dragon German 1/6 8.8cm Raketenwerfer 43 Puppchen

The Raketen-Panzerbuchse 43 (RPzB, which stands for rocket tank rifle was an antitank rocket launcher of 88mm caliber. 
German troops nicknamed it Puppchen or “dolly”. 
While it gave infantrymen an antitank capability in their foremost positions, it was produced in only limited numbers compared to the Panzerschreck or Panzerfaust. 
The weapon was mounted on a carriage and fired the same type of 88mm rocket as the Panzerschreck.

This novel weapon has been reduced in size to 1/6 scale in Dragon’s exciting series of support weapon kits.
No effort has been spared to ensure this Puppchen kit has received every last possible detail.
This 1/6 scale replica even has a working breech that allows ammunition to be inserted!
88mm rockets with shaped-charge head are included in this amazing set, along with their associated ammo boxes.
About the only thing this Puppchen can’t do is actually fire the rockets! 
The original RPzB 43 had a maximum effective range of only about 200m, plus the wheels could be removed to lower its silhouette.
In such a case, the weapon was then left standing on a pair of sled-like rests.
This is in fact the guise this weapon comes in, ideal for a diorama set in a bitterly cold and snowy winter.
This new model kit is a real doll, and is ideal for a wintry vignette. It would work well with many of Dragon’s 1/6 scale figures, or it is so well presented that it could form the centerpiece of a display all by itself!



Kit is new in box, never removed. Box is in excellent condition.


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