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Dragon Models WWII 1/6 scale 12" German Soldier Grenadier Gustav Nafziger 70708

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Catalog number 70708

New Gear Plus Series 
- Figure comes with two sets of weapons and related ammo pouches. Collectors have options on how to decorate the figure!


- Field Cap 
- M44 Jacket 
- M44 Trousers, Keilhosen 
- Italian Camouflage Overtrousers 
- Ankle Boots w/Gaiters

- Kar98K Ammunition Pouch 
- M31 Breadbag 
- Wehrmacht Equipment Belt 
- Combat Suspender 
- M31 Mess Kit 
- M31 Water Bottle 
- MP44 Ammunition Pouch 
- MP44 Magazine

- Kar98K Rifle 
- Volkssturmgewehr 1-5 (VG 1-5) Semi-Automatic Rifle

- WH Eagle Badge 
- Collar Tabs (WH Infantry: Schutze) 
- Shoulder Tabs (WH Infantry: Schutze)

- New Character Head 
- NEO Body 
- Men Hands 
- Clear Stand Mount





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