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Dragon Armor 1/72 Scale WWII German Personnel Carrier w/3.7cm PaK 35/36 60517

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1/72 Kfz.70 6x4 Personnel Carrier w/3.7cm PaK 35/36, Eastern Front 1942

The Kfz.70 6x4 Truck served throughout WWII after mass production commenced in 1933. Some 7,000 trucks were produced up till 1942 and the vehicle was powered by an air-cooled 3.308-liter flat-four engine. The horizontal engine gave rise to the truck’s distinctive, sharply sloped nose, and also to its nickname “Boxer”. The truck was used for all kinds of purposes, and it was commonly employed for towing light artillery such as the 3.7cm Pak 35/36 antitank cannon. Now Dragon Armor is getting in on the action with a new fully built-up model in a personnel carrier configuration, in which state it was known in German nomenclature as the Kfz.70.

The truck is finished in a typical early-war panzer gray paint scheme. The wheels and independent coil spring suspension are masterfully represented, as is the raking hood. To add to the items’ appeal and value, the truck comes towing a 3.7cm PaK 36/37 antitank cannon as well. The model also bears an appropriate amount of weathering. This 6x4 truck was a workhorse of the German military during WWII, and Dragon Armor has come up with an equally robust model for the enjoyment of military vehicle collectors!


Tank is new in box, never removed. Box is in excellent condition


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