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Revoltech Takeya Takayuki Buddhist Statues Collection 002 5" Komokuten Figure

Brand: Revoltech

Item#: 4537807042095
UPC/ISBN: 4537807042095

Price: $27.95

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Imported from Japan! The Revoltech line of highly-detailed and highly-articulated action figures turns its gaze to the gods of the Buddhist pantheon with the figures of the Takeya Revoltech line! Each of these figures features a detailed sculpt of the diety, along with flaming halos and an impressive display base. The first figure, Tomonten, is the chief of the Four Heavenly Kings and the guardian of the northern direction. Komokuten, the guardian of the west, is the second figure in the series. The guardian of the south, Zochouten, is the fourth figure in the series, and the guardian of the east, Jikokuten, is the fifth figure. Also in the series is the third figure -- an Ashura, one of the triple-headed demi-gods, who are prone to wallow in pride and wrath. Each of these Buddhist statue figures stands roughly 5" tall. Window box packaging.


Figure is new in box, never removed. Box is in excellent condition

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