Raingutter Regatta Trophy with Boat and 2015 #RR21

Raingutter Regatta Trophy with Boat and 2015

Item# RR21     Price: $15.95

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Trophies will have 2018
New Series Trophy with Boat mounted on a Red, White and Blue Stars & Stripes, Blue, Red, Yellow (Gold), green, purple column with year 2018 emblem
Trophies have lettering with Raingutter Regatta 2018 and award information. You can specify in the note section the name of your pack or group and what the award is for as: placing number or like best paint job, etc.
You can also give one to each scout as a participation award.
Raingutter Regatta Trophy with column, boat and year 2018.
Select the trophy you would like to order on the pull down window, then use the pull down window to the right to select the color of the column.
Use the information line to enter the pack or group number and placing.

RR21 - 14 inch - $15.95
RR22 - 13 inch - 15.49
RR23 - 12 inch - $14.95
RR24 - 11 inch - $14.49
RR25 - 10 inch - $13.95

RR26 - 7 inch - $9.95 (no column)

Group Order

RR30 - 1st thru 5th place (RR21 thru RR25 Blue column thru Purple Column) - $69.95
RR31 - 1st thru 3rd place (RR21 thru RR23 Blue column thru Yellow Column) - $41.95



Information about this order - Please enter pack or group number and any additional information, then select item and add to cart.
There is also a spot to add additional information when you close order form

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use for RR26, RR30, RR31
B - Blue Column
R - Red Column
Y - Yellow Column
G - Green Column
P - Purple Column
RWB - Red, white & blue Column

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