Resin Golf Figures #FG2

Resin Golf Figures

Item# FG2     Price: $9.95

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Resin figures are an attractive antique gold or silver. These figures can be used as individual awards. The lettering on the figures can be anything you would like, up to 3 lines. All figures are individually boxed.

GF90 - Male Golfer on a shinny red base $9.95
GF91 - Female Golfer on a shinny red base $9.95

GF92 - Male Golfer a gold resin $11.95
GF93 - Female Golfer a gold resin $11.95

GF94 - Male Golfer a silver resin $11.95
GF95 - Female Golfer a silver resin $11.95

GF96 - Golf club and ball a gold resin $8.95

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