Trophy with 6 & 8 inch bat #BL1

Trophy with 6 & 8 inch bat

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Trophies will have 2018 for the Figures
These are trophies with small 6 & 8 inch bats which form the pedestal. The trophy has a brown wood base. The lettering is on a gold lettered card covered with lamination. The lettering can be up to 3 lines at no additional charge. Select the trophy head you would like and indicate that number in the note section. Then use the pull down window to select the trophy style.


WB-62 Three level 27 inch trophy with 20-17 ball and activity riser $49.95

WB-63 two level 19 inch trophy with year 20-17 and ball display $24.95

WB-64 One level 12 inch trophy with 20-17 display $15.95

WB-65 One level 12 inch trophy with 2017display $9.95

WB-66 One level 12 inch trophy $7.95

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BB2 - Out-Fielder Male
BB3 - Double Action Male
BB4 - Double Action Female
BB5 - Coed Double Action
BB6 - Male Batter
BB9 - Junior Male
BB10 - Junior Female
BB11 - T-Ball Male
BB12 - T-Ball Female
BB13 - Female Batter

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