Wood Base Bowling Trophies #BG19

Wood Base Bowling Trophies

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2018 Figure
One, two and three level wood base trophy with bowling ball and pin column, and a rich gold-tone figure. You can change the placings of the trophies, on the order. Please indicate the placings if they are different than shown. Also select the figure you would like to use and indicate that on the note line.

BG19 - 31 inch 3 level trophy - $49.95

BG20 - 22 inch 2 level trophy - $29.95

BG21 - 21 inch 2 level trophy - $29.49

BG22 - 20 inch 2 level trophy - $28.95

BG30 - 11 inch single level - $11.95

BG31 - 10 inch single level - $11.49

BG32 - 9 inch single level trophy - $10.95

BG33 - 8 inch single level trophy - $10.49

BG34 - 5 inch trophy with 2003 and no column - $7.95

BG35 - 5 inch trophy with no column- $5.95

Please enter information about this order on the line below - Please enter group name and any additional information, then select item using pull down window for trophy and figure and add to cart. There is also a spot to add additional information when you close order form.

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BO-1 Male Bowler
BO-2 Female Bowler
BO-3 Bowling Wreath
BO-4 Bowling Pin
BO-5 High Series
BO-6 High Game
BO-7 High Average

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