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Available services offered by Bizcom that are not required, but recommended to help create your online grocery store.
E-commerce Service
Store Builder
The only secure shopping cart system and catalog creator that requires no special programming knowledge to build and maintain. Easy selling for you, and easy shopping for your customers. SmartCart provides you with the complete tools for effective, secure internet commerce.
*There is an annual Smartcart hosting fee of $150.00 per year, due after your first year of use. If you host your website with Bizcom, the annual SmartCart hosting fee is waived.
Database Format Utility$200.00
The database format utility is basically a custom script and utility needed for reading reading your database and compiling the categories as they are available in your database. With this utility there isn't a need for entering your categories and subcategories in your admin controls and compiling the catalog. This utility will take care of that. You would basically upload your exported, tab delimited text file to the server, enter the admin utilities online and then format your catalog by simply clicking a link.

You need a database format utility if:

  • You need the flexibility in your category levels (unlimited category levels)
  • You have more fields that need to be present in your inventory display that are available with the standard SmartCart.
  • You would like your categories and subcategories to be compiled automatically, based on what is available in your database, eliminating the need to maintain categories and subcategories from your online administrative utilities.

Unlimited Categories$150.00
The standard version of SmartCart supports a level for categories and a level for sub-categories. If more flexibility is needed in the categorization of your products, then the module that supports unlimited category levels is needed. This utility requires that your catalog/inventory be maintained from a database and a database format utility is needed.The module for unlimited category levels will display a "walk-thru" type of format. This means all of the main categories will display. By clicking on one of the categories, all of the sub-categories will display. By clicking on one of the sub-categories, all of the subcategories with that subcategory will display...and so on and so forth. The path back to the main category will be present at all times, allowing your site to be easily navigated.
Receipt Along the Side$150.00
This is a custom frameset developed so the cart contents are always displayed on the screen as well as a running total of the cart's contents. Bizcom will incorporate the colors of your site into this shopping frameset. If custom design is needed, the can be additional charges. There is no charge to incorporate a receipt background (supplied by you) and any colors that have been designated for your site.
Real Time Credit Card
Processing (AuthorizeNet)
$99.00 setup
Bizcom International can assist you in obtaining your own merchant account for accepting credit cards in your online store and also provides you with an AuthorizeNet account for processing credit cards. Authorizenet can be used to process the credit cards in real-time or after the order has been received.
Authorizenet w/Merchant Account$199.00 setup
$199.00 Setup (includes application fee)
  • $24.95 per month for 48 months
  • $10.00 per month Gateway Fee
  • 2.49% + .25 per transaction Visa/Mastercard (minimum of $15.00 per month)*
  • AMEX rate 3.75% + .25 per transaction (no monthly minimum)*
  • Discover 2.49% + .25 per transaction (no monthly minimum)*
  • *Discount Rates are based on applicant's credit history.
Web Hosting$25.00/m or $228.00/year
Bizcom International offers a premier, all-inclusive hosting package for one low price. You will receive unlimited traffic/hits, 20 megs of storage, unlimited email aliasing as well a 4 additional personal, password-protected mailboxes, cgi capabilities, real audio/video capabilities, stats and more.
If you are a SmartCart customer, and you host your website with us as well, Bizcom will waive the $150.00 per year SmartCart hosting fee.
Preferred Items List$199.00
This is a module that will remember 50 of the most frequently purchased items by your customers that hold accounts with your store (meaning they have a username and password to shop your site). Each time a customer shops, the list will evolve to display the items they purchase most frequently, and gives them the option to check which items they will purchase this time shopping at your store. This is a feature made easy, convenient shopping for your customers.
Web Development$300.00+
Let Bizcom develop a professional image for your online store. With design packages starting as low as $300.00, Bizcom can design a homepage, a page about your company, and carry the design throughout your shopping system. As mentioned, these packages start at $300.00...if you are interested in receiving a quote for your project you can email .
Order Batching Utility$199.00
The batch function keeps two files. One file contains the purchaser information, the invoice number, payment info, etc. The other file contains an itemization of the items for each order purchased, each referenced by the invoice number. These files can also be imported into most any program used for accounting/inventory management.
Each night the logs are rotated and batched automatically. A link to each of these files are emailed to the store's email address for easy download to your computer.

Here is the order of fields for both the batch files.

Customer Info File:
zip/postal code
amount paid
amount due

The item file contains this structure...


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