Two Part Gel Scent #ch-1001

Two Part Gel Scent

Item#: ch-1001

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Dominant Buck and Doe Estrus in one convenient, mess free dispenser!


THE CHASE line of deer scents from Antler Insanity is collected fresh, filtered, bottled and
refrigerated immediately to ensure maximum potency for the life of the product. These are simply
the freshest 100% pure deer scents available! Every deer hunter and every buck anticipates that
magical time of year when does reach their peak estrus period.  Bring THE CHASE to you!

Not only do we start with the freshest product, we go a step further in packaging and dispensing to
ensure the product you buy is as good on the last day as it was on the first.  Both our spray bottles and
industry first, two part gel dispenser, eliminate exposure to air and light, the two factors that reduce
the life and potency of any scent product.


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