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What Our Customers Say

The following are some letters and comments we have received from our customers regarding our products, and service. No hype - Just satisfied customers.

Steve, This past season was the first time I used your lures. I was really impressed with your coon lures and found they perform excellent even without bait.

Believe me there's a big difference between good lures and lures that work consistently. Your lures are consistent working tools for trapping. Thanks Steve,

I am very pleased with your fast service and good products. I used your Red Fox Gland Lure and K-9 Supreme last Fall with super results. I always set canine sets together with the traps about 10 or 15 feet apart. I used one of your lures on one and another brand on the other. Your lures outperformed the others 4 to 1. Also your LD Call works very well when it gets cold. Enclosed find a couple of photos that your products made possible.

Your products are great. I found all the Adirondack Lure I bought from you works and works well. One weekend late in the season I checked an otter set and found it empty. We re-scented it with your Bank Pro lure and checked it later that day around 3:00 and wouldn't you know there was a big female otter in it. PS enclosed is a picture of me and my first Beaver.

I have ordered from you for the past three years and am impressed at your promptness in filling my orders.

Your lures especially Long Distance Canine Call are professionally made- I've had great results with LDC on Fisher. Keep up the good work.

I have ordered from your company in the past. I must admit your employees are helpful, and the most courteous each time I have called. Far better that any other company I have dealt with. Keep up the good work.

I am impressed with what you offer. So impressed that I think I will try to get back into trapping a little since it looks affordable thru you. You do appear to be the best. Keep up the good work.

Your Fisher Scent worked real well for me here in Maine during the 1999 trapping season. I also appreciate your prompt replies to my orders for more scent in the middle of trapping season. Enclosed are a couple of photos.

Your canine lures have been working excellent for me. I've used your Gland Lures, Red fox #4, and K-9 Supreme to take some of my biggest catches of fox ever. Also your "Champlain Shellfish Bait" works wonders on fox and coyote as well as coon, they dig it like crazy. Enclosed is my order for more of your fine products.

I got to say your products, prices and most of all service are tops. Second to none! I have been truly impressed with the quality and consistency of your lures. I look forward to trying the new canine lure that you were telling me about on our last correspondence. The "Canine Supper" bait is a killer in a dirthole whether in the Maine wilderness or farmland. Good luck this spring I'll be in touch soon to purchase some Bridger #2's.

...I have been more than satisfied with the products I have ordered from you, and the prompt and courteous service you have given me. Your products and service have been far superior to that of one of your competitors. Please feel free to use this letter if you desire...

...Maybe this is your first or third trip through this site. I'm not sure although I'm positive of one thing. That is Steve's workmanship. He is commited to quality work and dedicated to customer service. The detail of workmanship is spectacular. The fish mounts are awesomely outstanding. The scents and lures are top notch. I encourage you to call and order via phone or the web today....

I had very good luck with your "Canine Supper Bait" for fox and coyote last season and have stocked up on your products for this season.

Caught 29 coon and 5 Grey Fox with first jar of "Crazy Coon" Bait. Works great and lasts a long time.

I would like to say thank you for the lure I bought caught my first coyote. I met you at the NYS convention. We talked and I said I would write you some day. As a dealer I would like to handle your lure and bait. Thank you for your quality time and also for my first coyote.

Nice catch of Fox and Coon caught with our L.D. Canine Call

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